Monographs and anthologies

Dominik Finkelde | Rebekka A. Klein (Ed.)
In Need of A Master.
Politics, Theology, and Radical Democracy

De Gruyter 2021
ISBN 978-3-11-069905-0

The volume "In Need of a Master: Politics, Theology, and Radical Democracy" discusses how our so-called "postmodern age" of widespread ideological critique paves the way for reactionary and conservative political movements. At center stage is the question of whether these movements can and must be – contrary to widespread beliefs among liberal elites – interpreted both as a symptom of a political awakening in the horizon of political theology in our era of immanence, as well as perhaps the perilous end of democracy as we know it. The book brings to the fore political theology as the hidden agenda of politics and presents at the same time Christian and Jewish theological traditions as an antidote to a global empire with its often unacknowledged rule of immanence.

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Rebekka A. Klein (Ed.)
Gemeinsam Christsein.
Potenziale und Ressourcen einer Theologie der Ökumene für das 21. Jahrhundert

Mohr Siebeck 2020
ISBN 978-3-16-159613-1

To be Christians together in reconciled diversity – this is what churches, denominations, cultures, and faith communities of Christianity worldwide strive for. But how can ecumenism as a church-political and theological project of universal Christianity in the twenty-first century be further developed and reinterpreted?
The contributions in this volume aim to give impulses to the ecumenical movement for its renewal and continuation. They develop new theological interpretations of the practice of ecumenical dialogue, the goal of church unity and the relationship between denominations and ecumenism. In terms of societal practice, they explore the relationship of ecumenism to cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. In conversation with the theology of religions, comparative theology, post-colonialism and the dialogue of religions, they take a look at what ecumenism can be in a globalized world.

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Rebekka A. Klein | Friederike Rass (Ed.)
God’s Weak Force.
Alternatives to the Notions of God’s Omnipotence and Powerlessness

Evangelische Verlagsanstalt 2017
ISBN 978-3-374-04877-9

The aspiration for sovereignty has got into crisis in late modernity. In the field of theology too one does not talk any longer unabatedly about God’s sovereign power. Reflecting on God as being God, theology after Auschwitz made the powerless crucified One the focus of its attention. But the dialectical overcoming of omnipotence through powerlessness is being undermined in the discourse of post-metaphysical philosophy of religion by the notion of a »weak force«. The reflections on God’s weak force and its subversive power are intended to open up new spaces of interpretation for the secular society. The aim of the contributions in this book is to rethink the motif of the weak force theologically in a constructive and critical way.

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Rebekka A. Klein
Attenuating Sovereignty.
Religion and Political Ideology in Claude Lefort,
Slavoj Žižek und Karl Barth

Mohr Siebeck 2016
ISBN 978-3-16-154353-1

Belief in sovereignty relies on the fiction that absolute power is actually able to really exist and stably endure, thus bestowing political ideologies with necessarily totalitarian purposes. Rebekka A. Klein demonstrates that this fiction can be exposed and defused by reinforcing subversive and emancipatory figurations of power deprivation. Theology backs this approach as a source of philosophical reflexion.

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Rebekka A. Klein | Dominik Finkelde (Ed.)
Sovereignty and Subversion.
On Figurations of the Political-Imaginary

Alber 2015
ISBN 978-3495487549

The putative crisis of sovereignty in a globalised world has not impaired the political efficacy of this figuration of the political-imaginary. The imagination of a sovereign power remains as inevitable as the need to intervene against it in a subversive fashion. The articles in this publication reflect on this fact as a recurring element of tension. That tension defines the political sphere in its entirety and prevents its totalisation.

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Rebekka A. Klein
Sociality as the Human Condition.
Anthropology in Economic,
Philosophical and Theological Perspective

Edition Ruprecht 2010
ISBN 978-3767571372

What do we mean by the term sociality? What do behavioural science, philosophy, and theology contribute to it? This book analyses new experiments on social interactions, philosophical concepts of interpersonal difference, and a theological notion of Christian charity. It demonstrates that recourse to human sociality must not be indifferent towards phenomena of social inhumanity: the scope of human social behaviour ranges from violent destruction to responsibility for others. Consequently, sociality is not treated as a foundation of morality and political order, but as a twofold phenomenon.

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Rebekka A. Klein | Björn Görder (Ed.)
Values and Norms in the Professional Life.
Conditions for their Development and

LIT 2011
ISBN 978-3643109262

The demand for values and norms – especially in executive personnel in industry and society – is ubiquitous in current debates. If this demand is not to fade away as a mere appeal, it is necessary to inquire into the conditions necessary to fulfil it. How do values and norms develop, how do they affect human behaviour, and how can the understanding of their development and enforcement be implemented in practice? This essay anthology analyses these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective, reflecting on the social changes that affect the alignment of values and norms and the conflicts experienced in connection therewith.

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Rebekka A. Klein (Ed.)
Distance to Nature.
Philosophical and Theological Perspectives in
Hans Blumenberg’s Anthropology

Königshausen & Neumann 2009
ISBN 978-3826041433

Blumenberg’s phenomenological studies on human beings as creatures of distance can be understood as a secret theme underlying his philosophy. The work focuses on Blumenberg’s analysis of the conception of man in positive science and transcendental phenomenology. Here, it emerges to what extent his anthropology seeks interdisciplinary dialogue and explores new avenues with regard to phenomenology.

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Rebekka A. Klein | Christian Polke | Martin Wendte
Major Works of Systematic Theology.
A Handbook

Mohr Siebeck/UTB 2009
ISBN 978-3825232917

This book introduces the content, structure, theological style, as well as the reception history of eighteen major works in the history of theology. By specifying accessible passages for initial reading and secondary literature, the book enables students to take their first steps towards the tradition of Systematic Theology.

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Series Editorship

Co-editor of the series "Ecumenical Studies" at LIT-Verlag Münster (2017).


Co-editor of the Journal "Berliner Theologische Zeitschrift" (since 2018).


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Books in Preparation

Rebekka A. Klein (Hg.), Gemeinsam Christsein: Potenziale und Ressourcen einer Theologie der Ökumene für das 21. Jahrhundert (Dogmatik in der Moderne), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020.

Dominik Finkelde, Rebekka A. Klein (Hg.), In Need of A Master. Politics, Theology and Radical Democracy, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020.

Rebekka A. Klein, Lisanne Teuchert (Hg.), Ökumene in Bewegung. Forschungsperspektiven der Ökumenischen Theologie, erscheint 2020.

Ludger Jansen, Rebekka A. Klein (Hg.), Seele digital? Mind uploading, virtuelles Bewusstsein und christliche Auferstehungshoffnung, erscheint 2021.

Arcticles in Preparation

Rebekka A. Klein, Diesseits der Nächstenliebe: Was heißt Helfen im Horizont der Lebensformen der Fürsorge? In: Zeitschrift für Evangelische Ethik 64 (2020).

Rebekka A. Klein, Das soziale Band der Religion. Von der Funktionalität religiösen Sozialkapitals zur Performanz einer Lebensform sui generis. In: Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie 62 (2020).

Rebekka A. Klein, What is the Nature of Christian Love? Homo Amans and Revolutionary Altruism. In: Relational Anthropology for Contemporary Economics: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Ethical Economy: Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy, hg. v. Jermo van Nes et al., Cham: Springer Publishing, 2020.

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Rebekka A. Klein, Rezension »Fana Schiefen, Öffnung des Christentums? Eine fundamentaltheologische Auseinandersetzung mit der Dekonstruktion des Christentums nach Jean-Luc Nancy, Regensburg 2018« In: Theologische Literaturzeitung 2020.

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Rebekka A. Klein, 'Theologie als Politik'. Carl Schmitts Romantikkritik im Kontext des Postliberalismus. In: Untergänge – Umbrüche – Anfänge. Zur Lage von Theologie und Religionsphilosophie in der frühen Weimarer Republik, hg. v. M. Moxter, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2021.

Rebekka A. Klein, The Sovereignty of Subversion, or: the Masterfulness of the Democratic Revolution. In: In Need of A Master. Politics, Theology and Radical Democracy, hg. v. D. Finkelde, R.A. Klein, Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020.

Rebekka A. Klein, Minderheit – Marginalität – Diaspora. Neue Herausforderungen für die Ökumene. In: Ökumene in Bewegung. Forschungsperspektiven der Ökumenischen Theologie, hg. v. R.A. Klein, L. Teuchert, erscheint 2020.

Rebekka A. Klein, Von der Mehrheit zur Minderheit. Öffentliche Verantwortung von Protestantismus und Kirche in einer radikal pluralisierten Gesellschaft, in: Beiheft zur Zeitschrift Kirche und Recht 2020.

Rebekka A. Klein, Nicht ohne Verletzlichkeit. Postsouveräne Subjektivität im Spannungsfeld zwischen Fürsorge und Gewalt. In: Michael Coors (Hg.), Zur moralischen Signifikanz der Verletzlichkeit, 2021.

Rebekka A. Klein, Mind Uploading als kulturelles Heilsmedium? In: Seele digital? Mind uploading, virtuelles Bewusstsein und christliche Auferstehungshoffnung, hg. v. Ludger Jansen, Rebekka A. Klein, 2020.

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Rebekka A. Klein, Freiheit in evangelischer Perspektive: Tillichs protestantisches Prinzip und die Frage der Befreiung (eingereicht).

Rebekka A. Klein, Rezension »Andreas G. Weiss, Der politische Raum der Theologie, Münster 2019«. In: Theologische Literaturzeitung 2021.


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